Dr. Shaun McAlmont

President, Career Learning at Stride, Inc.
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Dr. McAlmont is a recognized business leader with significant expertise in the education and workforce development space. He currently serves as the President of Career Learning for Stride, Inc. (formerly known as K12, Inc.), a provider of online education programs, skills training, and talent development. There, Dr. McAlmont manages all aspects of Stride’s expanding career and adult learning programs.

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  • You can look at a college degree as does it prepare you for life that allows you to mature over those four to six years? Or did it actually prepare you for a job where you can actually earn and pay that debt? Recently, Jamie Diamond, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, said that at Chase, about 70 percent of all of their new jobs in the future will not require a traditional bachelor’s degree. And that’s a stark realization that technology is moving the modern workplace so quickly, that it’s more ‘Are you able to learn on the fly? Are you flexible? Do you have a basic understanding of how technology works? And can you be trained on the job along the way?’

    30 March 2021
  • Learning is a lifelong pursuit and the foundation of our mission and work at Stride. What we have come to realize is that people are shifting the way they think about education, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has altered the work landscape. The Stride Nursing Club and industry chats series provide students with an opportunity to take advantage of career exploration and to get a head start on their future.

    30 March 2021
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