Dr. Tamaz Georgadze

CEO and Co-founder at Raisin
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As CEO and co-founder of fintech Raisin DS, Tamaz Georgadze focuses on business growth and the strategic development of the company's business model. He advocates for fintech, entrepreneurship, and improved financial regulation across Europe as a speaker, author, mentor to other founders, investor in fintech, and governmental advisor (incl. as a member of the German Finance Ministry’s Fintech Advisory Committee). Prior to building and scaling Europe’s leading platform for deposit-insured savings products and investments, Tamaz spent ten years with McKinsey & Co., the last three as a Principal leading McKinsey's Savings and Investment products service line for EMEA countries. His core areas of expertise were performance management/organisation, deposit gathering, direct banking, branch transformation, SME strategy and regulation. He holds a PhD and honours law degree from the University of Giessen as well as an international economics degree from his native Georgia.

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  • What we like is how the contextual integration allows us to target the customer in the best way, exactly at the right moment, delivering a unique customer experience that is taken care of by us together with our product partners.

    20 December 2021
  • Those are the things we're constantly thinking about, how to make financial markets available and simpler for the end customer.

    20 December 2021
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