Dr. Terika L. Haynes

CEO/Founder at DT Scooters
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Dr. T. L. Haynes is the CEO of DT Scooters. She is also the CEO of Dynamite Travel, LLC which is a full-service travel planning consultancy. Over the years, Dr. Haynes has traveled the world and at times had to do so while injured. She had to use crutches and wheelchairs in Eastern Europe, a cast in China, and the list goes on! It was through these experiences that she saw the importance of having reasonable mobility options available for those who love to travel and live an active lifestyle. Dr. Haynes was also very close to her grandmother who suffered with extreme mobility issues before she passed. With improved mobility options it may have allowed her to have more experiences with her grandmother before she passed. Dr. Haynes created the Dynamite Travel Scooters ("DT Scooters") online retail store with the goal that it will expand the awareness and availability of mobility options to the masses so that more people can experience memorable vacations, active and independent lifestyles, and invaluable time with their loved ones. The team here at DT Scooters, along with Dr. Haynes intend to continue to achieve and surpass that goal for years to come.

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