Dr. Thomas L. Horowitz, DO

Family Medicine Specialist at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
Off the record

Dr. Horowitz provides patient-centered and relationship-based primary care for patients of all ages. Patients are encouraged to be team players in their healthcare decisions. Everyone – patients, staff and doctor – works together as a team to accomplish treatment goals. Medical services are provided as a collaborative effort based on relationship. The practice is well established and closely networked with excellent specialists. Quality care, genuine concern, kindness and humor remain the cherished cornerstones of this second-generation practice. Our mission is to provide patients a medical "home" where quality healthcare is available and affordable.

Dr. Horowitz completed his residency in Family Medicine and he is Board Certified in Family Practice. He practices at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, St. Vincent Medical Center and Good Samaritan Hospital. In addition, other facilities are utilized that provide beneficial services to our patients

Dr. Horowitz is actively involved in community and state issues, as has been the family tradition for three generations.

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