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Dyann is a globally certified authority in information privacy and a Master of Laws. She is an expert in all matters of information law, including employee investigations, data subject requests and data breach management. Highly regarded in the data protection industry, Dyann is especially known for her specialist knowledge and capability in the complex area of binding corporate rules (BCRs). A published Barrister, Dyann also makes regular appearances on panels and as a guest lecturer.

Prior to building her own data protection consultancy, Dyann was a partner at Baker McKenzie, where she led the data protection and cyber security practice group in London, UK. Dyann also served in a global capacity in senior privacy counsel and data protection roles for GE Capital, and Linklaters.

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  • Dyann Heward-Mills, ethics expert for the European Commission and CEO of  HewardMills, global data protection office, explains, "Progressive regulators and businesses will recognise that - now more than ever - high standards in data protection and privacy will be a differentiator​. The ICO, as with many organisations, must be pragmatic and prioritise.It is likely that the ICO will use other tools in its armoury such as enforcement and information notices, which are just as effective as fines.

    "Organisations that use the cover of COVID-19 in a race to the bottom will lose trust and credibility​. Meanwhile, complying with GDPR is good for business as it builds trust and confidence in digital services. Data protection standards protect privacy which is a fundamental human right. Showing respect to these speaks to the ethics and integrity of an organisation. 

    "Last but not least, no doubt the ICO will be mindful of the impact of its regulatory approach on Brexit negotiations. Supranational and international bodies are watching closely to see how robust the UK’s regulatory framework is. This will undoubtedly play a part in any adequacy decision for the UK as well as the perception of the ICO on the international stage."

    17 June 2020
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