Ebony White, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor at Drexel University
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Ebony White, PhD, is a licensed professional counselor, a national certified counselor and an approved clinical supervisor. White teaches a variety of courses such as Multicultural Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Counseling and Case Management Techniques through a social justice framework. She also provides multicultural and mental health training for law enforcement, religious leaders, educators and community members.

White’s research interests broadly focus on advocacy and social justice within the African American community. Specifically, she is interested in the impact of individual and systemic trauma on the development and functioning of individuals, families and communities within the African diaspora nationally and globally. She has also done extensive research on issues in adoption, particularly transracial adoption.

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  • “We also can be proud that we kept our foot on the gas and didn’t let up,” said Ebony White, an assistant clinical professor of psychology at Drexel University’s counseling and family therapy department. “Yes, the correct verdict was handed down, but the violent policing in Black communities and against Black people continues. After this verdict, we need to take a collective exhale and allow ourselves to properly breathe. But after we celebrate we must rejuvenate and keep working.”

    3 August 2021
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