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Edan Yago is a founder of CementDAO, a decentralised tool to unite the fragmented stablecoin ecosystem by making them easily interchangeable for each other, CementDAO also provides community based curation of Stablecoins and protection for holders in case of a coin losing it's peg. Previously, Yago was CEO and Co-Founder of Epiphyte, which developed enterprise software allowing banks and other financial institutions to integrate with Bitcoin. Yago has also helped found industry associations DATA and the Stablecoin Foundation in an effort to protect users from fraudulent projects and promote cross-industry collaboration.

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  • They’re talking about it as a new monetary policy, which is superior to Bitcoin’s monetary policy because it could be more deflationary, but whether the policy is deflationary or not isn’t really the issue. That is missing the point of what makes sound money, which is not if it is inflationary or deflationary but rather if it is predictable. The fact that Ethereum is again changing its monetary policy, I think, draws a clear distinction between Bitcoin, which is designed to be a monetary asset, and Ethereum, which is a technological protocol.

    22 August 2021
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