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CEO at Minerva Labs
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With 15+ years of experience in the cyber and information security industry, I have held a variety of leadership roles, successfully helping companies to achieve their goals. A creative thinker, I am driven by a problem-solving approach.

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  • This is yet another example on how attackers create malicious software that easily penetrates organizations, deploys the beachhead, stays undetected long enough to gain a significant foothold and then pulls the trigger to encrypt the data. Detection and Response solutions were never built to prevent threats from execution - they build to detect them first. In the past 10 years, more money has been invested in endpoint security and yet, year after year the number of successful ransomware attacks increase, as well as the time and money spent to detect and contain the breach while the shortage in cyber security experts increases as well. The industry should adopt a new approach and technologies that are scalable and built to prevent modern threats before any damage has been done, at the beachhead stage, that will enable organizations of any size to deal with modern cyber threats regardless of their team’s size, skillset and toolset.

    22 June 2021
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    22 June 2021
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