Edelle Field-Fote

Director of Spinal Cord Injury Research at Shepherd Center
On the record

As Director of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) research and the Hulse Spinal Injury Laboratory at Shepherd Center, Dr. Field-Fote leads a team dedicated to improving motor function in persons with SCI through the development of rehabilitation approaches informed by the latest neuroscience research. Her contributions to SCI literature include the largest study to date of locomotor training for persons with chronic, motor-incomplete SCI, as well as the first-ever study of a rehabilitation intervention to promote neuroplasticity for improved hand function in persons with tetraplegia.

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  • When you know someone with an acute injury, you know that there are many things beyond walking function that are important to them that need to be addressed. And it’s very exciting to see a group addressing these other problems that don’t get as much attention, but can make a big difference to somebody’s life.

    19 July 2021
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