Edward Amoroso

Distinguished Research Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, NYU Tandon at NYU Tandon School of Engineering
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Dr. Edward Amoroso serves as Distinguished Research Professor in the NYU Center for Cyber Security (CCS) where he focuses on various aspects of security, including measurement of expert threat sentiment. Dr. Amoroso teaches two courses in the NYU Master of Science in Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy (MSCRS), and also serves as founder of a cyber security research and advisory firm called TAG Cyber.

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  • When we see these [cyber] attacks, it’s as if we’re dancing from the tip of one iceberg to another. If we were to lower the water level the icebergs rest on, we’d see massive, massive problems. There is so much cyber activity by nation-states that are more or less doing whatever they want. We have to fundamentally rethink how we do computing.

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