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Edward Segal has more than 30 years’ experience as a crisis management expert, public relations consultant, journalist, and press secretary for members of Congress and political candidates. He has:managed crisis situations as the CEO of two trade associations; advised and helped others get through a variety of crises ranging from the arrest and firing of CEOs, allegations of sexual harassment, and hate crimes to forged documents, business and personal bankruptcies, and financial mismanagement; and conducted crisis management and communication training for hundreds of CEOs and other top company officials.

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  • It's not a matter of IF a scandal or crisis will hit, it's WHEN. How a company deals with it will have lasting impact on their reputation, profits, and more. But for most organizations, when a crisis hits, they're caught off guard and ill-prepared. While essential, crisis plans are worthless unless properly executed.

    7 November 2022
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    7 November 2022
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