Elad Schaffer

Co-Founder and CEO at Faye Travel Insurance
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Elad Schaffer is the Co-Founder and CEO of travel insurance startup Faye. He previously co-founded Wikistrat, the world’s first crowdsourced consultancy platform, successfully growing it from a bootstrapped startup to a profitable enterprise relied on by Fortune 500 companies and generating millions per year in revenue. Elad has a background in intelligence having served in one of Israel’s most elite units, earning the country’s highest award for innovation in service. He holds a law degree and MBA from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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  • The days of treating travel insurance solely as a reimbursement service are over. Consumers’ expectations have risen and their booking habits have evolved; their high intent to travel safely and smartly is coupled with the desire to receive advice and assistance when they need it most.

    8 April 2022