Elliot Luchansky

President at Airiam
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4 years of CEO experience at MSP
Led or co-led 32 closed M&A transactions including 22 as part of a pure consolidation strategy.
Grew enterprise value by avg of 11.2x in last 2 CEO/COO roles.
Avg revenue CAGR of 129% in last 2 CEO roles.
2-time CEO / 3-time CFO / PE board member.
Co-founder & managing partner of 3 special-purpose PE funds.
Columbia Business School

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  • “Smaller companies, often run by brilliant IT teams that created the solution, make up the current MSP space. Many offer outstanding products but use outdated business models and focus on regional customer bases due to their ability to size and scale. Solutions available today are piecemeal for SMEs looking to protect their IT infrastructure,” said Luchansky. “At Airiam, we're consolidating the best of these platforms and products into a single solution. It's scalable, operationally centralized and offers SMEs an enterprise product that encompasses the whole of their cybersecurity and MSP needs in one place at an affordable price.”

    13 April 2022
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