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CEO at LightBox
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Eric Frank is the CEO at LightBox. He invented and built acclaimed portal in early era, delivering $12M revenues in just 2 years to position $40M company for $200M sale to Thomson Financial. Eric stepped into role of President to plan and lead the intricate integration of Thomson Financial and Reuters. He is an enlisted well-established PE firm to pursue acquisition of corporate services asset from Thomson Reuters; negotiated several changes to proposed deal structure, enabling increase in bid value with no impact on returns.

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  • The company provided the state with a list of properties, then the state combined that with information from telecommunications companies to determine which locations are served by a broadband connection. Having location-specific data helps determine where the gaps are. We don’t need to bring internet access to the barn, but we do need to bring it to the farmer’s house and be able to distinguish those things.

    19 October 2021
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