Eric Schiff

Professor of Physics at Syracuse University and 1 other company
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Eric is a university leader and the executive director (interim) of SyracuseCoE. He is also a department chair (physics) and associate dean (natural sciences & mathematics).

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  • The key number in any sort of small room, like you’ll find in many bars and restaurants, is how many clean air changes per hour you can get.

    22 April 2021
  • If you don't have both, there is an occasional chance that someone will come into the classroom undetected and spread the disease to a significant fraction of the students. I would suggest that surgical masks are their equivalent that really should be the norm in classrooms. Homemade masks, that unless they've been carefully checked that they're up to a good standard, are probably not really good enough but they're certainly better than nothing.

    22 April 2021
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