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Eric Senn is the founder and CEO of Storr, a peer-to-peer retail marketplace that allows anyone to open a store in 3-clicks from their mobile phone. He is a startup veteran, having built several companies, including: StageIt, a live, online concert venue; Austin Music Weekly, a digital recording archive; and The Right Arm, a universal tablet stand and mobile stand-up desk. Eric’s ventures have garnered industry recognition from Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Music and one of Kickstarter’s top design projects. Eric started his career as a screenwriter and graduated from Yale University with a BA in Film.

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  • Airbnb and Uber democratized hospitality and transportation by empowering the average person to use their personal assets to generate income. Storr falls into this category too. Anyone with a phone can create a store.

  • Some of our top sellers, many of whom are still in school, are already on pace for $100,000 in sales on Storr this year

  • Twenty-one percent of U.S. shoppers made a purchase as a result of peer social media recommendations, but the $3 trillion global e-commerce industry traditionally pays commissions on sales to giant, established retailers. Now, people on Storr will get a share of that revenue instead of Amazon, Instagram or other third-party retailers.