Ericka Saurit

Creative Director at Saurit Creative
On the record

Throughout Ericka's career as an interior designer turned digital marketer, she have had the joy of working in nearly every corner of our industry for companies of all shapes and sizes from North Carolina to Shanghai and back to San Francisco. She knows not every business has the time or money to develop an in-house marketing team or hire an agency to take care of all these things. Ericka is excited to launch a business dedicated to supporting the specific needs of creative entrepreneurs, and look forward to working with you to grow your marketing reach.

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  • We witnessed first hand the challenges this past year has created for businesses and wanted to uncover the actual steps it takes to create sustainable and meaningful growth in our new world while also fostering a community of like-minded professionals in the home industry. Ginna and I have been working to uncover the science behind transformative branding and marketing. And while there’s no shortcut to success, there is a path and there is a process for creating an engaging brand. We’ve made it simple and easy to implement for any home brand.

    19 February 2021
  • article
    21 February 2021