Erin Rayburn - LMFT & Mental Health Treatment Strategist

Owner, CEO, and Supervising Therapist at Evergreen Therapy
On the record

Managing her own private practice for the past 12 years provided Erin Rayburn with the experience she needed to launch a new type of private therapy practice. Erin founded Evergreen Therapy in 2020 to help provide world-class mental health services while providing a supportive space for therapists to grow their clinical skills and learn best business practices. Over the past decade, Erin learned through trial and error how to run a successful practice while building her caseload and establishing a respectable network. Throughout her career, she’s met brilliant and passionate therapists, but many of them lack strong business knowledge and she’s dedicated to helping other clinicians achieve flexibility, stability, and success.

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  • Here are a few of the ways Rayburn says sex changed because of the pandemic for individuals who are single or dating, as well as for couples in committed relationships:
    "Social distancing results in fewer sexual encounters."
    "More “sexting” is happening — people’s needs still drove them to connect, so there was an increase in sexting."
    "Committed partners experience less sex than before — consequently, those in committed partnerships may have experienced a decline in their sexual activity if they were experiencing relationship tension due to too much time spent together.”
    "Some are more willing to get adventurous."

  • “Separation anxiety is something to pay attention to if it interferes with your everyday functioning and wellbeing,” says Rayburn. “While missing loved ones and feeling some distress may be normal, if it is prolonged or causing trouble with everyday activities, seeking treatment is advised.”

  • “Separation anxiety generally involves fear of not being with your partner or losing your partner,” explains Erin Rayburn, LMFT, a couples therapist and founder of Evergreen Therapy. “Separation anxiety is quite common. It does exist in most relationships but looks different depending on the kind of relationship.”

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