Everett Knight

Executive Vice President at The Valens Company and 2 other companies
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  • We are in the second inning of the development of one of the largest industries in the world and the hard work we put in today will lay the framework around the world. It’s personal to me. I’ve seen the benefits of cannabis first hand and I have a responsibility to pass on the knowledge I have accumulated so that others can have access to cannabis around the globe.

    5 July 2020
  • article
    5 July 2020
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  • The Valens Company
    Executive Vice President
    started Jan 2019
  • Matco Financial, Inc (https://matcofinancialinc.com/)
    Portfolio Manager
    Jan 2013 – Dec 2018
  • Petrominerales, Ltd
    New Ventures Analyst
    Jul 2011 – Jul 2012