Eyal Elyashiv

Co-founder and CEO at Cynamics
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Eyal is a strategic executive with 15 years of development and management experience. Sometime after finishing the IDF, he became the Senior Video Product Development lead at AT&T and then Director of Software Product Development at Sirin Labs, “The world's first secured blockchain phone”. He left Sirin in 2016 to join Carbyne 911 as their COO, developing their North American and Latin American operations.

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  • Changing trends in networking architectures and the impact of the pandemic make networking infrastructures into complex, distributed topologies, which challenge network detection and response.

  • The Cynamics solution can be seamlessly integrated, enhancing security and coverage. The Cynamics solution provides 100% network visibility from adaptive-sampling of 1% of the traffic while legacy solutions need to monitor 100% of the traffic. Governments no longer need to compromise as the Cynamics solution can easily scale up, future-proof to cope with new streams, all at a fraction of current costs.

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