Eytan Bensourssan

On the record

Eytan Bensoussan is the founder of challenger bank NorthOne. He spent his childhood surrounded by his immigrant family of small business owners, and it was then that he realized the world of banking wasn't evolving at the same pace as, or serving the needs of, SMBs (historically, SMBs have been too small for big banks to invest their time in). That's why him and his business partner decided to start NorthOne - they wanted to create a bank that would focus on serving the more than 30 million small businesses in the U.S.

After facing roughly 150 rejections from investors and getting laughed at and mocked, Eytan and Justin launched NorthOne, and today, provide banking services to more than 170,000 businesses across America. Particularly in this rough economy, NorthOne has stepped up to facilitate nearly $130M in SBA PPP loans, to ensure these small businesses can stay afloat.

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