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CEO at TrueLayer
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Francesco Simoneschi is Co-Founder and CEO of fintech development platform TrueLayer. He has significant experience in tech development, venture capitalism and financial technology. Francesco has founded, managed and grown a number of successful tech companies in the US and UK. Prior to creating TrueLayer, Francesco formed angel fund Mission and Market. Founded in San Francisco in 2014, Mission and Market provides capital for entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries including healthcare, fintech, biotech and education. Under Francesco’s guidance the fund has invested in more than 50 startups. In 2012, Francesco founded analytics platform The startup was later acquired by mobile game developer Playhaven. Following’s acquisition, Francesco joined mobile marketing platform Upsight where he was promoted to Product Owner and Tech Lead. In 2016, Francesco became VP of Strategy of FOVE – the world’s first eye tracking virtual reality headset. Francesco has a degree in Information Management and Economics from the London School of Economics. He has received one patent and has had his research published.

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  • Open banking capabilities create a streamlined experience for SMEs by accelerating notoriously slow and inefficient B2B payments. Through the secure and rapid transfer of funds, businesses can benefit from improved cashflow and remove unnecessary friction from their daily operations. Payoneer’s commitment to equipping their client base with the latest technological advances makes them a natural partner for us. Our payments API and Payoneer’s platform complement each other perfectly. We’re looking forward to growing and innovating together for businesses across the UK and Europe.

    14 December 2020