Francis Cianfrocca

CEO at InsightCyber
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Serial entrepreneur, technology executive, and industry leader. Networking and cybersecurity expert for the IoT, ICS, and industrial automation. Noted author, speaker, and contributor to industry groups. Has extensive experience identifying and addressing cyber-vulnerabilities in industrial production systems for manufacturing, automotive, pharma, electric power, oil/gas, critical infrastructure, military/defense, telco, and transportation.

Founded Bayshore Networks, Inc.. With Bayshore, has initiated and led a number of partnerships with large global organizations. Created the Bayshore SingleKey/SingleView industrial protection platform and the Pallaton application-policy engine. Has convened and led several widely-adopted open-source software projects.

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  • Unprotected IIoT will have potentially dire consequences in the future but that this technology is also causing tech companies to step up and provide new security solutions. The trend we regard as paramount to the future of IoT innovation is the devastating rise of cyber attacks that focus on operational technologies (OT). The Colonial Pipeline attack is the canonical example, and more such events are no doubt coming.

    5 December 2021