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CEO at Toluna
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Frédéric’s mission is to revolutionize the way brands and consumers engage with one another, with the ultimate objective of transforming the market research industry into a real-time, mass market, and social experience. Today Toluna helps companies anywhere in the world make clearer business decisions by bringing brands and people together via its streamlined research platform and the world’s largest social voting community,

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  • This latest funding round will help us build on our current momentum, as the Toluna Start platform accelerates our product development, sales and marketing efforts and best positions us as we enter the next chapter in our growth story.

    17 March 2021
  • Since our inception, Toluna has been committed to changing the market research industry and working with each of our clients to turn human interactions into insights that will drive their businesses forward. The days of unscalable research projects taking weeks and months to complete are over. Research now needs to move at the speed of business decision-making so our clients can access real insights in real-time. As we move into the future, Toluna will continue to offer our clients the most agile and innovative services that empower them to select the customized technology-driven resources and global community they need to power their critical business projects.

    17 March 2021
  • Due to an increase in time spent at home, consumers are more focused on home-based activities and are directing their interests and their finances towards their home environment. There has been a climb in spending across multiple areas, including fitness and personal health, home entertainment services and online shopping.

    17 March 2021
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