Frederick Van Johnson

CEO / Editor-in-Chief at The TWiP Network - This Week in Photo
On the record

Established the This Week in Photo (TWiP) Network. “TWiP” is the world’s most popular photography podcast network, and regularly publishes multiple shows over several photographic genres. I manage all aspects of the company including new host onboarding, advertiser relations, marketing, editor-in-chief, partnerships, social media, IT, and course creation. I successfully grew the company from a “hobby” with a few hundred subscribers, to an ad-supported major media property serving up millions of downloads.

At Adobe Systems I was a member of the Photoshop and Lightroom product marketing team, and I created several successful go-to-market plans instrumental in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom gaining (and continuing to enjoy) market dominance.

At Apple, I oversaw marketing projects for the award-winning iPhoto and iLife software. Working inter-departmentally we successfully delivered, marketed, and launched all software on time, and under budget.

At Yahoo! I built the mobile arm of the company along with a small “starter” engineering team. We subsequently grew the group from zero in revenue, to what ultimately became a multi-million dollar division of a multi-billion dollar company. I also led the acquisition of companies that ultimately became the Yahoo! Mobile, and Yahoo! Everywhere groups.