Gayle Martz

Founder, President, CEO at Gayle Martz Inc
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Gayle is the Creator of the SHERPA BAG for all the different modes of pet travel. Her mission is to change, improve and enrich the travel experience for people and their pets. The love we all share for animals is universal. For some, traveling is difficult. Traveling with a pet becomes an even more difficult situation. With Gayle’s help, you can share your success stories as you travel with your pet. You can also help others in your community and one day, you will be able to take your pets wherever you go. The SHERPA Bag is recommended by veterinarians, the ASPCA, the Delta Society, Humane Society and many four-footed customers.

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  • To be allowed onboard, your pet must be able to stand up and turn around in a pet carrier for them to be approved by the airline.

    10 May 2022
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    10 May 2022
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