Geoff Bland

Product Manager, Power and Natural Gas at Aggreko
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Scotland-born Engineer Geoff Bland is used to problem solving. From first response power in some of the world’s most devastating hurricanes to unique applications for mining or oil and gas in some of the remote corners of the world, his breadth of experience has given him a unique opportunity to turn creative thinking into inventive solutions. Bland began his career with a brief stint in the automotive industry followed by three years as a design engineer with Dyson Ltd., where he honed his abilities to take products from design phase to mass production. This, coupled with his fluency in Mandarin, made him a strong candidate when Dyson looked to China for manufacturing. Bland spent two years based in the Shanghai area developing this capability.

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  • Our challenge was to compress gas at an extremely large cryogenics plant that was nearly ten times more compressed than usual and get them onto the power grid. Our engineers developed a complete skid system to handle the high decompression requirements, we designed and installed our Ultra-Low Emissions Packages to retrofit on each natural gas generator to reduce emissions, and we worked with our partners to design and install a real-time monitoring system. Our customer was able to obtain air permits quickly, while the mobile gas power system allowed production to begin far ahead of permanent utilities reaching the site.

    21 July 2022
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  • Aggreko
    Product Manager, Power and Natural Gas