George Gansner

Sr. Managing Dir., Consulting, Training & Technical Services, Global Food Div. at NSF
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In his role as Senior Managing Director of Consulting, Training & Technical Services for NSF's Global Food Division, Gansner is responsible for managing the team that supports businesses across the food supply chain with food safety, technical support and more. Gansner has nearly three decades of experience in the sales and marketing industry. With national and global food regulations changing constantly, his team ensures that companies adhere to these regulations and that food safety is maintained from farm to fork. In addition, NSF's food safety consulting, training and technical services help organizations to develop and maintain a food safety culture while meeting key criteria to provide safe food for everyone.

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  • "The world's reaction to the pandemic has caused increases in costs at every point of the supply chain, from farm to fork. Not everyone is aware that these increases across the board ultimately result in higher costs in the grocery store or at the restaurant."

    13 June 2022
  • "In order to prevent any further price increases and to truly get ahead of blackouts and natural disasters, food establishments, retailers and facilities must have a food safety emergency plan in place and be able to quickly implement their strategy to prevent further loss and add to the costs of such events. Most manufacturers are also already (and if not, should be) in contact with local and state governments to understand when a blackout might occur and for what planned length of time. With this information, their emergency food safety plan can be able to be adapted."

    13 June 2022
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    Sr. Managing Dir., Consulting, Training & Technical Services, Global Food Div.