George Kirby

President & CEO at Ocean Power Technologies
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George H. Kirby is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Ocean Power Technologies, a pioneer in ocean-energy technology and data solutions that generate actionable intelligence from the sea to harness power and data that can protect and secure ports and borders, meet rising demand for renewable energy, and enable autonomous and continuous data transmission.

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  • 3Dent brings significant expertise in offshore engineering to OPT and our customers by providing complete project lifecycle engineering services, from concept through installation to decommissioning, including early-stage feasibility and design. Together, we are well-positioned to bring added value to our customers while expanding into new markets such as ocean renewables.

    28 April 2021
  • OPT's third-quarter brought dramatic change to our company. We acquired 3Dent Technology, which we believe is an important step for our long-term growth strategy and for expanding our offerings of autonomous clean ocean energy and data solutions.

    28 April 2021
  • One option is we can physically put a maritime domain awareness solution using radar, artificial intelligence, thermal and optical cameras. We put these on top of this power generating buoy or a platform with high speed, high bandwidth communications, whether it’s through 4G, if we’re within range of an asset that has that capability, or through satellite.

    28 April 2021
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