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Giri Devanur is CEO of reAlpha is a digital marketplace that enables its members to simplify wealth creation through investments in short-term rental properties while delivering exceptional guest experiences. reAlpha sources and scores properties from the wholesale market using a proprietary AI-driven algorithm called reAlphaBRAIN. It then predicts the viability of each property for the short-term rental market, as well as the projected long-term value. The reAlpha business plan allows investors to buy equity in specific properties, providing meaningful wealth generation opportunities through short-term passive income via Airbnb as well as equity-driven capital appreciation. reAlpha is based in Dublin, Ohio.

Mr. Devanur served as the President and CEO of Ameri100 Inc., since its inception in November 2013. In 4 years, he scaled Ameri from $0 to $50M in revenue and completed the IPO on Nasdaq in under 4 years. He was awarded the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017. He has also authored a book titled “Nothing to Nasdaq”.

Mr. Devanur is a seasoned CEO who has raised seed capital, venture capital and private equity from global institutions. He has more than 25 years of experience in the information technology industry. In 2010, he founded WinHire Inc., an innovative company that builds software products through technology and human capital management experts and combines them with professional services. Mr. Devanur served as WinHire’s President and CEO. He also co-founded Ivega Corporation in 1997, an international niche IT consulting company with special focus on financial services. Ivega merged with TCG in 2004, creating a 1,000+ person focused differentiator in the IT consulting space.

Mr. Devanur holds an M.S. in Technology Management from Columbia University and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Mysore, India. He has attended Executive Education programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Law School. The Board believes that his qualifications to serve on the Board include his substantial experience in the information technology industry and his prior experience as a CEO.

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  • Since reAlpha is a digital marketplace that enables its members to simplify wealth creation through investments in short-term rental properties while delivering an exceptional guest experience, our goal is to build a community with a million people. We have plans to acquire 15,000 properties in the next 5 years and empower 60,000 retail members to form investment syndicates for those properties. We are motivated to attract all types of people and serve different communities.

    21 November 2021
  • Short-term rentals are no longer purely transactional and occupancy driven. We are reimagining the entire guest experience end-to-end. The reAlphaHouse is the ultimate on-demand rental property. We implement various technologies, including smart locks, voice-activated electronics, home automation systems and innovative furnishings, to create an unparalleled guest experience.

    21 November 2021
  • We’re thrilled to offer Main Street investors access to become a shareholder in our company through our Reg A+ filing. We could’ve raised the money from VCs or private equity, but it was important to us to allow anyone to join our community as a shareholder. So, we are raising $75 Million which will enable us to go up to $750M in AUM. Once we build this initial portfolio, we will be opening up the reAlpha app, where people can then invest in individual properties.

    21 November 2021