Gita Bhargava

Co-founder and COO at Global Upside
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Gita Bhargava is an entrepreneur, leader and innovator. She is the Co-Founder and COO of Global Upside, and its three sister companies: Global PEO Services, Mihi and Gava Talent Solutions. Together, the companies provide the most diverse range of global solutions that simplify complexity and help Clients operate better and grow faster.

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  • People feel that 10-hour days are long because the majority of our workforce has families.

    21 September 2021
  • We are committed to helping our Clients to operate efficiently and grow, no matter what industry they are in or types of products and services they provide. Companies need to trust that their services providers are equally responsible for the security and compliance over protected health information (PHI) and this measure allows us to validate our commitment to data protection.

    21 September 2021
  • For our company it's very important that we provide flexibility and a working environment where the parents feel welcome. On the first day that we talk to them we let parents know they should provide us with their kids’ schedules so they can block their calendars and work around it. Family well-being is important and as a top leader, when you do that, people start to feel okay.

    21 September 2021
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