Gloria Wong-Padoongpatt

Professor of Psychology at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)
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Gloria Wong-Padoongpatt is director of the Gambling, Addictions, and the Marginalized Experience (GAME) Lab at UNLV. Her research focuses on the mental health issues among marginalized individuals. Her primary line of research examines the stressful effects of microaggressions, a form of subtle discrimination. She investigates the impact, mechanisms, and individual variations in stress responses to these everyday slights and denigrations.

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  • Research shows that people get into addictions mainly for two reasons. Life is too hard and … life is too boring. Social support is a main predictor of recovery success. Folks are reporting isolation at high rates so it can be assumed that they are also lacking the social support if they are trying to quit using.

    16 March 2021
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