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I am a self-taught programmer and started assembling and disassembling computers at the age of 11. At the age of 14, I started programming using C++ as a programming language. C++ was the primary programming language if you want to go on programming contests similar to the IOI format. I spent the next six years learning different computer science problems, went to various national and international competitions, won some top places, was part of the national team’s coaching members, a jury of a couple of national contests, and finally a university teacher.

At the same time, I started working at the age of 18. I spent the next 13+ years working in all Information Technology track positions – from Intern to Head of Development and CTO. I built a couple of different technical teams during this period, as well. Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Sofia University and a Master’s Degree in Project Management from New Bulgarian University. Last 6+ years, my main focus is cybersecurity, and I believe that everyone deserves to have his privacy and data security.

On the social side – I am a family-oriented man with two kids. As for hobbies, I love playing soccer and hill climbing.

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