Grant Christofely

Senior Associate, Workplace Strategy — Certified Scrum Master at M Moser Associates
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Grant, along with his teammates, is on a mission to unlock high performance in clients’ businesses and cultures. The core of his expertise is supporting organizations in making a transformative change not only in their workplace but in their culture as well. Instrumental in bridging the social, built, and digital environments for clients, his collaboration with the client and design teams brings valuable people-focused insight to the project team.

With a focus on high people and business performance, Grant utilizes his expertise to create environments that reflect the needs and objectives of the client organization. Additionally, Grant works with clients to explore and implement how the digital environment can support organizational performance.

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  • According to Grant Christofely, North American associate director of workplace strategy at M Moser Associates, a workplace design company, some organizations still design their offices the same way they did 50 to 70 years ago: static, inflexible spaces where employees perform individual, task-oriented work more than eight hours a day.

    “But that’s not how works gets done, how you make money today,” he said. “You make money from ideas being exchanged. And technology has had a huge impact on the way people work, the way ideas are exchanged. The way ideas were exchanged was changing before the pandemic — people are realizing that the time to change is now.”

    17 December 2021
  • The tension between a four-day work week and an organization’s productivity goals was echoed by Grant Christofely, the senior associate of workplace strategy at the architecture and design firm M Moser Associates. He predicted that the four-day week won’t provide the break from unrelenting work that so many crave.

    Shorter work weeks won't give people the “opportunity to work on individual work,” Christofely explained. "You'll never feel the release that the four-day work week aims [for],” he continued. "Because you'll always be on, because all that work will be condensed into four days.”

    “You’ll never have the opportunity to work on individual work,” during a shorter week, he explained to HR Brew. “You’ll never feel the release that the four-day work aims to [provide] because you’ll always be on, because all that work will be condensed into four days.”

    17 December 2021
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