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  • There was a disruption taking place before covid. That was more about the industry trying to pivot to be more consumer centric. This is why the notion of patient engagement was talked about in a lot of the C-suite halls around the country or world: the need to shift from a fee-for-service model to one that is predicated on outcomes based on how Medicare reimburses, for example.

    At large I think the industry has always faced this problem of a human-capacity constraint. It’s kind of been amplified now that covid is out in the wild. The industry was suffering a human-capacity problem before covid came along. It isn’t something you can hire your way out of. You have to look at technology, and I think the dimension is, when you think of the consumer, what they are doing is voting through technology – you think of Yelp reviews or all the other ways that consumers have choice enabled through their devices – is really making a quantum shift in the way the industry has to think about how they deliver the experience.

    7 July 2020
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