Greg Minano

Chief Human Resources Officer at Interface
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Greg, Chief Human Resources Officer, is responsible for all aspects of Interface’s global HR strategy, with a focus on people and talent development and training, company culture and values, workplace strategy, and global change and project management. Prior to leading global HR, he served as Vice President of Strategy and Integration from 2018-2020. In this role, he led the integration of 2018-acquired nora systems, including IT, project management, and change management initiatives. Before that, Greg was a key member of the legal team from 2001 and earned a deserved reputation as a thoughtful, valuable partner to the business in his various roles over the years. Previously he was Vice President of Compliance, Deputy General Counsel, and Assistant Secretary. He also took a five-month assignment in 2017 as Interim President of the Asia-Pacific region, driving the 2018 Strategic Plan and AOP process while in the role, which gave him the opportunity to more deeply understand the operations of one of Interface’s regional businesses. Greg earned his J.D. at Emory University School of Law and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Michigan.

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  • It provides visibility. If I make that commute to the office, I can see if have the right type of location to do the type of work that I need for the day. That’s one big advantage. If it’s green, I know it’s been cleaned. I never have to worry about sitting at a desk. That’s a very important signal to our employees that there is a way that our cleaning crew know it needs to be cleaned and disinfected.

    5 September 2022