Gregory Rocco

CEO at Spruce Systems
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Gregory Rocco is a co-founder of Spruce – a startup building open-source software for decentralized identity and storage. Previously, he worked at ConsenSys, where he was primarily focused on the cross-section of decentralized identity and platform economies. He has an M.A. in Digital Humanities, with a focus on public blockchains as a means to resist information censorship.

As a project manager at ConsenSys, Tezos, and Augmate he's been focused on decentralized identity for many years. He can speak on the variety of interlinking issues related to decentralized ID and user-controlled, self-sovereign data.

More about Spruce: The missing piece for Web3 is a decentralized identity, which requires signing, sharing, and storage of trusted data. Spruce Systems offers secure and convenient developer tools for anyone to share authentic data. Their software suite comprises a cross-platform toolkit for the handling of identity and data standards across blockchains as well as self-sovereign storage that uses smart contracts to define where data lives and who has the access to it.

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