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Grigory Rybalchenko is Co-Founder and CEO of EmiSwap, the first community-governed decentralized exchange (DEX) that provides high rewards for liquidity providers (LPs) and offers 100% compensation for Ethereum’s transaction fees in $ESW governance tokens. He is a blockchain advocate and an evangelist, being part of the leadership team at Accenture in the past. Grigory has been active in the crypto space since 2012 as an early adopter of Bitcoin and other emerging cryptocurrencies and has advised several token offerings on digital token models, and created a blockchain platform as a service to run token offerings. He also advises several governmental and private companies in the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe on their blockchain implementation efforts.

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  • While NFTs are one of the biggest drivers of Defi growth and have been for some time, not everyone will want one or be interested in them. But we can also agree that they are an excellent tool to prove ownership status on the blockchain. If you are a gamer, VR player, collector, or digital artist of any kind, then NFTs have the potential to give you something that wasn’t conceivable only a few years back.

    It’s also understandable that many people may not care for them because they may not be of use to them. In that case, if you receive an NFT that you don’t want to keep, you can reopen it for sale on a marketplace like on Ethereum or AirNFTs on Smart Chain. You can also transfer ownership to someone else, i.e., regift it. However, during all transfers, all details will be visible on the blockchain under the unique token ID or smart contact address.

    12 December 2021
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