Hagen Pruemm

President at SIS Financial Group
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Hagen is the President at SIS Financial Group. He specializes in financial planning, asset protection, and transitional planning. Prior to starting SIS Financial Group, Hagen served as Vice President for two of America’s largest senior market agencies, where he also served as a member of the Chairmen’s Council and met his wife, Cynthia. Because of their shared desire to help people during the next chapter in their lives, they founded SIS Financial Group.

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  • If you belong to a hospital group, you could check with your (human resources) department to see if they would be able to recommend someone. Doctors can definitely benefit from the help of a financial advisor that understands their individual or specific situation. Most physicians will eventually find themselves amongst the top earners, but years of medical school and residency can cause them to start out with much greater debt than most Americans. Oftentimes, doctors work well into their 60s or 70s, so one of the greatest financial threats would be premature death or disability resulting in years, or even decades, of income loss. With what seems like endless options for life and disability insurance, having a financial advisor that also specializes in that area would be very helpful.