Harold Buchholz

On the record

My specialty is bridging the creative and business sides of family entertainment, from comics creation (Sweetest Beasts), graphic novel and comic book publishing and marketing (former Archie Comics Sr. VP) to writing (WGA East) and producing TV and live comedy shows (two seasons of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix plus four national live tour shows).

I’m an award-winning 2D animator and have taught animation and entrepreneurship for artists at the college level.

Classic films and comics are a particular interest of mine—I co-host a weekly podcast (Unpacking Peanuts) that explores 50 years of Charles M. Schulz’s masterpiece Peanuts, and I was recently a guest speaker at the 75th anniversary It’s a Wonderful Life festival in Seneca Falls, New York.

I’m co-creator of Kids Love Comics, an organization dedicated to the promotion of children’s graphic novels that has gone on to have a regular presence at comic book conventions across the country.

My passion is helping creators and businesses large and small make joyful family entertainment that successfully reaches a wide audience.