Harry Brundage

Founder at Gadget
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Harry Brundage is a co-founder of Gadget, a serverless stack for e-commerce app developers. Gadget offers a full stack development platform that helps developers start, build, and scale amazing apps. Before founding Gadget, Harry spent 7 years at Shopify after joining as an early employee in 2011. At Shopify, Harry worked on the biggest technical threats to the platform’s success, like the core product's front-end, the extreme flash-sale scale storefront systems, the big data & machine learning platform, and the deep commerce primitives inside the platform. Harry oversaw several orders of magnitude of growth in Shopify’s traffic and engineering organization.

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  • “As developers ourselves, we know firsthand how demotivating it can be to find yourself bogged down, building a feature you’ve built a thousand times before, instead of focusing on the actual user problem at hand. Gadget gives ecommerce developers their time back so that they can start, build and scale apps in a fraction of the time it takes today.” said Harry Brundage, CEO and Co-founder at Gadget.

    1 March 2022
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