Hasshi Sudler

Adjunct Prof. at Villanova College of Engineering; CEO of Internet Think Tank at Villanova University
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Hasshi Sudler is Chairman and CEO of Internet Think Tank, a cyber security firm that provides consulting to Fortune 500 firms across America and Japan, and is also Adjunct Professor at Villanova University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering instructing in cyber security and blockchain technology. Sudler has more than 25 years of experience in technology management and over 11 years developing business in Japan. He was a pioneer in Japan's Bit Valley during the Internet boom during the 2000s.

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  • Benefits of inter-satellite transactions include lowering the need for numerous ground stations to maintain constant communication with orbiting satellites. It also allows one satellite to leverage unique data held by other satellites to complete its mission. And by leveraging data from satellites already in orbit, society can minimize excessive satellite deployments and reduce space debris, one of the highest risks to existing satellites.

    17 July 2021
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    17 July 2021
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