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Helen Clark, is the former explosive lead of the metropolitan police dog training establishment. She now works at SafeLane Global as a Canine Technical Manager with her husband, Bob.

They work on projects globally to detect for threats including explosives, firearms and narcotics, and to keep SafeLane clients safe from intruders. Bob and Helen are the company’s dedicated kennel hands, handlers, trainers, mentors and instructors.

Bob and Helen conducts canine search training for:
Explosives (commercial, military and home-made explosives (HME))
Small arms and ammunition
Stowaways and intruders
Digital media (USBs, external hard drives)

SafeLane Global's canine team has extensive experience in a wide variety of environments and countries, including in the protection of airports, embassies, dignitaries, camps and installations throughout the Middle East and Africa.

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  • Ensuring staff have the best training guarantees consistency in terms of canine training standards and welfare – this is critical to SafeLane and its clients.

    9 December 2021
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    9 December 2021
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    9 December 2021
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    9 December 2021
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  • SafeLane Global (www.safelaneglobal.com)
    Canine Technical Manager
    started Jan 2020
  • Metropolitan Police
    Police Officer
    Jan 1994 – Dec 2019