Hema Crockett and Jamie Jacobs

Co-Founders at Gig Talent
On the record

Hema is an entrepreneur, business leader, author and recovering HR executive who believes life is too short to not do what you love, love what you do and follow your dreams. Whether this is making the leap and becoming an entrepreneur or creating organizational cultures where employees feel connected and fueled to bring their best everyday.

Jamie values authenticity, integrity, and living with intention. She finds purpose in supporting people to live in "Preferment" and find joy in our own human experience.

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  • Be an inclusive leader and work to ensure you are hearing from all the voices on your team. While you may have some less vocal introverts that may have an innovative idea. Given our new ways of working, be intentional about redefining collaboration as teams are moving into new flex working arrangements and create new standards for collaboration that work for your team.

    14 June 2021
  • I think adjusting the marketing to bring in more of a human element is important during uncertain times. It becomes less about what a product and service can do for you and more about "we are in this together and we're here when you need us." Making sure your marketing efforts are representative of your organization's values is important all of the time but especially during uncertain times.

    14 June 2021
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