Henry Cisneros

Vice Chairman at Siebert Williams Shank
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Henry Cisneros is also Chairman of American Triple I Partners, an infrastructure investment firm based in New York. And, Mr. Cisneros is the Founder of CityView, which is a partner in building more than 100 communities in 13 states, building more than 7,000 homes with a total value of over $5 billion. Mr. Cisneros’ community-building career began at the local level. After serving three terms as a City Councilmember, in 1981, Mr. Cisneros became the first Hispanic-American mayor of a major U. S. city, San Antonio, Texas. During his four terms as Mayor, he helped rebuild the city’s economic base and spurred the creation of jobs through massive infrastructure and downtown improvements.

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  • Here’s the simple fact: the country has a $2 trillion deficit to get its infrastructure up to what is considered standard. It’s getting older, it’s overcrowded, and in some case it’s depleted. There isn’t enough money in the public sector through the normal debt mechanisms to pay for that. That’s why it’s not getting done.

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