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CEO and Founder Konstantin Maslennikov of HereYouGo is a graduate of Draper University and the Stanford Executive Education program. Konstantin is a serial entrepreneur who has founded successful companies such as TakeBus and Projector Group. Konstantin also holds an Engineering degree in Telecommunication.

A Silicon Valley startup, HereYouGo, is steadily positioning itself as the sharing service for self-driving cars which will make our lives safer, greener, and more fun. The business model will make it more affordable and easier to purchase and use self-driving and connected vehicles through sharing economy principles.

HereYouGo was recently included in the Top 5 Draper University Ventures investments since 2017. "Draper University is a private school focused on teaching entrepreneurship to the business savvy minds of tomorrow at the heart of it all - Silicon Valley."

Learn more at, or follow the company on Facebook or LinkedIn. To become an investor in HereYouGo, visit their crowdfunding page at

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  • "Our original idea was not to make self-driving cars. It is already a very, very competitive field. Tesla, Google, and Apple are large players in this market, to name a few. So we choose to work on the next step because the future is soft. When those self-driving cars are developed, the next question will be how to deploy them fast. And that is where we want to be the first in the world. All the large companies who work in that field have in their minds an ancient approach for these cars. Just sell it. This is a 100-year-old business model. But for self-driving cars, everything will change. You don't need to own a car that will drive you 5% of your time. Instead, you can split the expenses. That is why we are building a sharing model to deploy those cars fast and make them cheap. We keep building on our vision every single day."

    4 August 2021
  • When asked why he started HereYouGo now instead of ten years from now, Maslennikov explained that "first, it's exciting. Second, it's a big push in technology that I want to be a part of my life and make it become a reality for myself. I want to have autonomous cars around me because I think I will trust them more than human drivers."

    4 August 2021
  • Maslennikov said that they "got the idea of HereYouGo while studying at Draper University, founded by Tim Draper. Draper is a billionaire investor of the most successful startups in the self-driving space, such as Zoox (acquired by Amazon for $1.3 Billion), Cruise (acquired by General Motors for $1 Billion), and Tesla. We got our first investment from Draper University Ventures."

    4 August 2021