Himanshu Gupta

CEO and co-founder at ClimateAI
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Himanshu Gupta is the CEO and Cofounder at ClimateAI. Himanshu has worked with Vice President Al Gore and Lord Nicholas Stern. He is the lead modeler for the Emission Pathways project for India. Himanshu is an energy policy expert, engineer and social entrepreneur in Climate Change.

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  • ClimateAi is already helping major players across the agrifood supply chain better understand, manage and communicate climate risk to improve transparency and increase profitability. Our platform aims to accelerate the transition to climate adaptation across supply chains – similar to what Fairtrade did to responsible sourcing. In the future, we plan to launch the world’s first climate resilience rating scheme for supply chains based on data gathered by our platform and the trust we have built with our customers and partners.

    12 September 2021
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