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Managing Partner at Crosspoint Capital Partners
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Dr. Hugh Thompson is one of the world’s leading experts on Cyber Security and Privacy. Before joining Crosspoint Capital Partners, he was the Chief Technology Officer of Symantec (SYMC, NLOK). At Symantec, Dr. Thompson was responsible for the company’s technical and product strategy and led a team of approximately 1000 technologists, software developers, product developers and researchers. Prior to joining Symantec, he was the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Blue Coat Systems Inc. which was acquired by Symantec for $4.65 Billion in 2016.

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  • The level of sophistication and complexity in today's cybersecurity attacks means that enterprises can no longer assume that software products from their providers are safe. ReversingLabs provides a proactive and transparent approach to understanding the threats that exist within software even in cases where you don't have access to source code. We believe scalable software inspection and validation processes are essential to software integrity, and we are excited to partner with ReversingLabs as they help enterprises defend against advanced software supply chain attacks.

    18 August 2021
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