Ian Kane

Co-Founder at Unbanked
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Ian is the Co-Founder at Unbanked, a global fin-tech platform built on blockchain. He have worked in technology & digital media for over 10 years with a heavy focus on business development, sales, and strategy. His career started as the first employee in a media startup which grew into a $50mm a year business during his tenure. He had the opportunity to work in both early stage and mature organizations, be a part of acquisitions on the buy and sell side, and drive go-to-market strategy for various data and media products.

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  • We could not be more excited about introducing Unbanked to the world. The demand for crypto-focused financial services has caused companies to create a patchwork of offerings that only address a handful of needs at a time. Unbanked offers our customers a more complete blockchain-enabled banking experience that is faster, lets them have greater control of their crypto, and cuts down on cost-prohibitive fees.

    9 July 2021
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