Igor Goldkind

Content Author at theSUBVERSIONfactory
On the record

Successful creative producer and digital marketing, strategic writing for arts organization. Wordsmith. Semantic Engineer. Reads and speaks machine.

I'm also successful at establishing strategic alliances with organization leaders in line to support key business objectives. Good track record in building, structuring and retaining high-performance teams who achieve outstanding results. Creative thinker, commercial strategist and technical trouble-shooter who gets things done on time and within budget. Tons of experience working with international companies in the UK, Italy, France and Latin America. Fluent in French and Spanish, with some Italian.

A creative producer of highly advanced media and technology innovations. In the early 90's he set up one of the very first digital agencies in the UK dedicated to digital production services, digital special f/x for film & TV and website planning and production for the publishing industry he produced and project managed Oxford University Press' first website.